How long will I have access to the online courses?

You will have lifetime access to all of your purchased Disruptive Marketing Training online courses.

What are the different levels?

Every digital marketing topic is broken out into 3 course levels — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Not sure which level is right for you? You can either review our course descriptions or check out our free evaluation guide to discover which course level is right for you.

Are the online courses mobile or tablet friendly?

Yes, all of our online courses were created to be taken from any device.

Do I have to show up at a certain time, or can I attend whenever I want?

All of Disruptive Marketing Training’s online courses were created for you to attend whenever you want. We are really big on self-paced learning because we know everyone has a different schedule, time zone, and learning speed. All of our online courses, homework assignments, and resources we pre-recorded and set up for you to access whenever, wherever.

How actionable are the courses?

All of our courses are hands-on and highly actionable because we want you to apply what you are learning and actually achieve your goals. All courses have been created to solve real-life scenarios and business challenges. We use ultra specific case studies and examples, and break out information into step-by-step instruction. All topics are accompanied by specific actions or “homework assignment” to ensure you apply what you are learning. We also host an accountability group and offer 1-on-1 coaching to ensure you work through each and every challenge, get your questions answered, and stay committed.

Are there prerequisites?

While there are no prerequisites, online courses are broken out by beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Not sure which online course is right for you? You can either review our course descriptions or check out our free evaluation guide to discover which course level is best for you.

Can I expense Disruptive Marketing Training purchases at work or write off as a business expense?



What is the accountability group?

The accountability group is designed to help you work through challenges, get your questions answered, and ensure you meet your goals. Our subject matter experts host a weekly world-wide accountability meeting with other entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals. This meeting is an open-forum where participants can ask our subject matter experts anything related to the online courses and how to best apply the information.

How often does the accountability group meet?

The accountability group meets weekly for 2 hours. You are not required to stay for the full 2 hours and can hop-off at anytime.


How does 1-on-1 coaching work?

1-on-1 coaching sessions are private sessions between you and one of our subject matter experts. Coaching sessions can be scheduled between 1-2 hours per session, and you can schedule as many coaching sessions as you need. You have the option to have your coaching session either by telephone or video conference.


Couldn’t find an answer to your question in our FAQ?

Email us at and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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